The Goldtunes – Paradise (2021)

For many people, the end of a relationship is something they can see coming, but that does not stop it from being painful. With their single ‘Paradise’, The Goldtunes tackle the moment when you consider calling an end to a relationship. Tempering the knowledge that the relationship has run its course with the memories of the emotional paradise you used to have, they turn this emotional moment into a sombre yet uplifting song.

Bringing a more intimate feeling to their music, they deposit you on a tropical island where you can easily imagine the paradise you used to have. While different to their last release, it continues the narrative of their upcoming EP that works through the stages of a relationship. As they continue to draw you closer to their EP, brothers Jake and Caleb show that they still have a lot to offer.

‘Paradise’ strums into your ears with a really chilled vibe. The light twinkling tones sparkle over the strummed guitars, adding delightful texture to the music. You can’t help but sway to the movement of the music while the vocals lightly dust over your skin. The strings further enhance the depth of the music, before those twinkling notes come back. The steady strummed flow of the single draws you into the lyrics and vocals, while shining a warm light on your skin. The easiness of the music lets you relax into the soundscape where the sombre yet uplifting vocals can twirl around you.

The vocals bring an interesting merger of soft rock and power pop to the soundscape. The lyrics balance love and affection against the decision of calling quits on the relationship. Through the lyrics, you are filled with the happy emotions of being with the person you love only to have this swept into the knowledge that the perfection of the relationship is in the past. The vocals wonderfully work the emotions of the single into your veins. As the single progresses, you work through the sadness of the relationship coming to an end and the uplifting feeling of letting go of a relationship that is going nowhere.

The Goldtunes drop you on a tropical island to consider the end of a relationship and the perfection of what used to be in ‘Paradise’. The music is chilled and relaxed bringing a slight warmth to the steady strum. The vocals have a rock-pop vibe as they work through the knowledge that the relationship is coming to an end and fill you with the uplifting freedom that can come from this.

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