KIA – Madam$ (2020)

KIA sent shivers down our spines with the soulful single ‘Imperfect’. She is now showing us her edgier side with ‘Madam$’. The single started as the title track for the series ‘The Madam$’, but Kia has transformed it into a full release. With a powerful yet edgy sound, she hits you with some badass tones for a very different sonic experience.

Using her base of neo-soul, she layers this with urban beats and electronic pop tones. With a splash of dance and rap, she turns your head to a completely different sound from her last release. Showcasing her versatility, the single is a lot of fun to listen to as you are made to feel like you are on top of the world.

‘Madam$’ hits you with KIA’s vocals from the first moment. Her vocals have a great edgy vibe from the first moment that just puts this smile on your face. The pace of her performance is infectious and makes you want to move to them. The slight electronic edge that comes and goes adds a little something to her vocals that make the song a lot of fun to listen to. The lyrics are badass and powerful filling you with a great energy and making you feel like you can do anything.

Under her vocals is a melody that melds synth-pop with dance. There are these beats that run along the soundscape and complement the flow of the vocals. On the chorus, there are pulsing synths that grab your head and move it. At times, it almost sounds like the synths in the melody are replying to the vocals and it just adds a new layer of awesome to the track.

The accompanying music video is as badass and edgy as the single. KIA is powerful on a couch with purples and pinks highlighting her as she sings. There is also a vintage TV that takes over at times with scenes from the show this single comes from. The shaking that accompanies the electronic edge to the vocals is a great touch.

KIA leaves you feeling empowered with the badass, edgy and utterly captivating single ‘Madam$’. The vocals grab you from the first moment and have you moving to her groove. The melody highlights the vocals and pulses through you as you are pumped up.

Find out more about KIA on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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