Near Death Experience (NDX) – Underground (2022)

Near Death Experience (NDX) brought the power of love to our souls with the rousing ‘Found’, after sweeping us up in their funky sound again and again. Now, they are hitting us with some groovy soul rock through the adventurous single ‘Underground’. From start to finish, the band takes you on the ride of your life and leaves you wanting more of their swinging beats and electrifying riffs.

Luring you into their subterranean swing vibes, the band merges acoustic guitars with exploding beats and a splash of Latin feeling. The single is an exhilarating invitation into their sound and will have you hooked and diving into their back catalogue before you know it. If you are in the mood for a single that transports you to another world, this is definitely the one for you.

‘Underground’ jangles with an irresistible opening line that instantly hooks you to the sound. There is an undeniably infectious bounce to the sound that gets you bopping away it. Through the music, the band takes you on an adventure into the underground where you find a grooving unknown club. The groovy vibes of the music let you know that you are in for a good time, and as the single progresses, the band really delivers. It is almost impossible to listen to this melody and not get lost in the groovy movements. The irresistible bassline that opens the track leads you to the swinging guitar that ultimately flows into horns that bring a Latin flair of heat to the sound. Each instrument adds to the groovy vibes of the single and by the end will have you clapping and tapping away to the melody. You will also feel the urge to turn the volume of the track up as you get down to their grooves.

While you are tapping your feet and grooving to the vibes of the melody, the vocals call to your soul with a slightly gruff scratch. The lyrics urge you into the underground where you can let go and have an absolute blast. The vocal performance picks up the groovy flow of the music and turns it all the way up. The chorus has this flow to it that makes you want to shout out with the band as you head down to a subterranean club. The vocals have a slight touch of blues to them that adds a new texture to the track, before bringing the exhilarating energy of Latin vibes.

Near Death Experience (NDX) gets you instantly hooked to their groove as they draw you into a subterranean club and the ride of your life in ‘Underground’. From the first second, the music grabs a hold of you and has you grooving to its vibes. The vocals have a gruff edge to them as they beckon you underground and into the exhilarating energy of the track.

Find out more about Near Death Experience (NDX) on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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