Track of the Day: GMTA – About Last Night

Long-time friends Stefan and Bas decided, one day, that they wished to make good music together and, well, now they have. Both producers and singer-songwriters based in The Netherlands, the duo use genre-defying melodies to break boundaries in the music world. Influenced by artists as diverse as Moby to Cashmere Cat or Jon Hopkins, their melting pot of inspiration spans far and wide (at least sonically if not physically). The latest addition to their discography is ‘About Last Night’.

Already having coverage on SLAM! radio back in 2017, the duo had that tiny hint of recognition; however, the success has led much further now. Featured on SLAM!, iHeart Radio and several playlists, GMTA is reaching audiences far and wide. Following their previous single ‘E-motion’, GMTA adopts a far more “jazzed up” sound with hints of rock in ‘About Last Night’s electronic soundscape. Not only is this a truly intriguing approach but the transition from electronica to this new sonic mish-mash showcases true innovation.

Beautifully arranged with a smooth, textured melody, ‘About Last Night’ certainly demonstrates Stefan and Bas’ production skills; however, it is not the production that truly captures my ear. It is the grittiness of the instrumentation and vocals that are mind-blowing. A dynamic guitar reminiscent of old-school blues-rock melds with interspersed piano and Depeche Mode-esque synths. It’s a kaleidoscopic sonic swirl and I don’t mind being lost in it.

It’s not easy to capture my ear and keep my attention for hours or days on end, but GMTA seems to have completed this feat. Perhaps it’s the rawness and brutality of the song, the harsh vocals or the fusion of my favourite styles that stick in my brain. Whatever the reason for its infectiousness, I can’t wait to hear what else these lads have in store.

For more from GMTA check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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