HyBrazil – Four Seasons (2021)

Adding their unique tinge of jazz to contemporary pop-rock, HyBrazil is unique and intriguing. Beginning as a cover band busking on the streets of Galway, the Ireland-based trio moved from singing other people’s songs to releasing their own original music. Don’t get me wrong, their version of ‘Tainted Love’ is outstanding, but then again so are their own songs.

Inspired by the likes of Paramore, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, the eclectic group released their debut track ‘Burning Desire’ in 2020. Followed by the singles ‘Today’ and ‘Orange Soles’, Orla Coughlan (vocals), Willians Maxwell (guitar) and Luan Lopes (drums) began turning the heads of critics and listeners alike. Before long, HyBrazil found themselves featured on Listen To Discover, Right Chord Music, Jo Megan and Indie Criolla (to name but a few). The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Four Seasons’.

Following their rock-inspired single ‘Orange Soles’, HyBrazil fuse elements of pop, folk and contemporary jazz in their new track ‘Four Seasons’. Beautifully textured, the acoustic-inspired single showcases each member’s talent offering prominence to all instruments while coming together as a harmonic whole. I think it was Aristotle who presented the idea of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts; then again, this is about music and not philosophy.

Simplistic in its nature, Maxwell’s guitar combines with Lopes’ drums to form a soothing jazz swing in which you can easily lose yourself. Yet, it is Coughlan’s Joss Stone-esque vocals that intertwine through the melody like a silver line shimmering in a dark pool. What I find particularly exciting about this toe-tapping tune is the juxtaposition of poignant lyricism within a jovial soundscape – a true sign of HyBrazil’s innovativeness and depth.

While the track is buoyant spreading a smile on your face, there is a darker and more melancholic meaning to the tale. Using the metaphor of changing seasons, HyBrazil touch on issues of emotional instability, anxiety and inner turmoil. This is not only an intriguing melodic arrangement but also demonstrates the sophistication of the group’s songwriting prowess.

In addition to the single, HyBrazil released an official video for ‘Four Seasons’. The video can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

For more from HyBrazil check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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