The Robot’s Guide to Living – Cure Me (2021)

Pop-punk band The Robot’s Guide to Living deliver their explosive new track ‘Cure Me’ jam-packed with punches, fun and high energy. The multi-generational band from Southern Utah give the people something to mosh about with their latest single. The song starts with rapid-fire heavy guitars letting off rounds like submachine guns. The drums follow suit, staccato, entering in abrupt musical bursts. The whole track feels like someone shook a bottle of soda, twisted open its lid and let the colourful pop bubble and fizz, and rain down. 

There is something mathematical in the melody and a finesse to the lone lead guitar darting in and out between the bullets of flying sound around it.  Dynamic male vocals are sung with urgency and despite the gung-ho atmosphere drilled up by the song’s musical elements, there is a sensitivity and vulnerability to ‘Cure Me’. The band sings about searching for “who I am”, of anxieties and insecurities and just wanting to be loved. The singer seems uncertain in their words, saying, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be but I’m told to live my life like it was up to me”. They add that they are “more than their insecurities”. 

There is something exciting at every turn of this track, it’s fast-paced and laden with heartfelt refrains to shout along to. Though The Robot’s Guide to Living was formed in 2007, the band embarked on a long hiatus before returning once again in 2018 as a duo. The Covid-19 pandemic gave the band a chance to grow and take on new members to fill out its lineup. The period has given them a chance to write fun, catchy music like ‘Cure Me’. The band has certainly returned with a colourful pop.

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