Sam Dickinson – Off Script (2020)

Following your own path can be a daunting experience, particularly when it is not the path other people want you to take. If you feel alone on your path, Sam Dickinson is here to help with his single ‘Off Script’. The song touches on the emotional impact of going your own way and throwing out the script that people have created for you. Drawing on post-2000 pop, he lifts you up and lets you know that you can enjoy your life in the way you want.

This is the fourth single from Dickinson’s new album Off Script and was meant to be released in the lead-up to Northern Pride which he was due to play with Gabrielle. We sat down with Dickinson to talk about the album and his music.

‘Off Script’ uses a pulsing beat and lighter overtones to draw you to Dickinson’s vocals. His vocals a smooth middle layer for the song as he slides into your ears. Through an effortless delivery, he pulls you into the lyrics which are an unashamed embrace of going your own way. The lyrics paint the scene and are full of emotions. You can hear the shrugging off of expectations others have set and the freedom that this brings. The falsetto later in the song just adds that little something to make you fly.

The emotions of the track are not only showcased through the vocals. The catchy and energetic melody grabs your senses from the start. There is a build-up to the chorus and the end where the melody flies with the vocals. This musical boost thrusts the uplifting and positive vibes of the track through your chest.

Sam Dickinson gives you the boost you need to live your life as you want in the energetic ‘Off Script’. This pop track is full of lively beats and positive injections of emotion. Dickinson’s vocals are engaging, catchy and effortless as they bolster you and let you embrace who you are.

Find out more about Sam Dickinson on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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