Adam Stall – Adam Stall EP (2021)

With his debut self-titled EP, Adam Stall covers themes of hope and love set to a retro yet modern soundscape. Bringing a touch of old-school sounds, he weaves them between lines of classical tones. Consisting of four tracks written over the years, the Adam Stall EP draws on his thoughts of love, life, dreams and our humanity.

While Stall is a classically trained pianist and trumpeter, the classic rock that rested in his soul shines through the tracks of the EP. With an experimental recording touch, he brings a tinge of old-school sensibilities to modern rock sounds. Recorded and produced by Stall, except for the drums, the EP is an authentic introduction to his sound and what he has to offer.

The EP opens with ‘Dandy of a Day’ which draws you into a day spent with a loved one. Stall’s vocals burst out with a really wonderful classic rock feeling. Through the music, you can feel the warmth of time spent with loved ones while the sun streams through the trees. There is a heavy edge of retro tones, but this has been artfully woven into a modern sense of rock music. This makes it easy to connect with the song while revelling in the old-school touches. The catchy tones of the track get you hooked to the EP and eager to hear when the other tracks have to bring. If you are a fan of older rock music, you will be particularly happy with this track and the rest of the EP. The guitar riffs later in the track are a pleasure to listen to.

‘Two Beaches’ has a folk-rock vibe to the opening that makes you think of the mist that rolls off the ocean in the early morning. The organ tones in the background of the melody add a richness to the flow. There is a touch of melancholy to this track while the lyrics fill you with an eternal love. There is a slight swing to the movement of the melody that is an utter pleasure to listen to and brings a completely new edge to the track. The rather seamless transitions really showcase Stall’s musical prowess while the screams of the vocals call to something in your soul.

The more subdued opening line of ‘Forest of Silence’ lets you know that there is a great depth to this track. This becomes more apparent as the vocals enter and the lyrics pull you into a story packed with metaphors. While the vocals tell the story of the lyrics packed with forests, waterfalls and silence, there is a message that is much deeper waiting for you to find it. This track brings those retro vibes back with a vengeance as Stall’s vocals remind you of 70s rock. There are a lot of classic rock elements woven into this tale but, while familiar, they come together for something unique.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Thru the Drizzle’ which puts a smile on your face from the first guitar note. There is a freeing feeling to the opening line that has your senses soaring on warm air currents. The freedom of the music is picked up by the lyrics and vocals that celebrate hope and life. When the rock guitars make an appearance, they fill you with the strength to fight against everything that tries to bring you down. This is a really uplifting track and a wonderful way to end an extremely entertaining EP.

Adam Stall uses his debut EP Adam Stall EP to unleash classic rock tones with a swing of modern sensibilities that will have you hooked to the sound from start to end. Each track has a unique sense while bringing everything we all love about classic rock to a modern edge. It is so easy to listen to this EP on repeat and you won’t know which track to add to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Adam Stall on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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