gürl – Surrender (2020)

Giving yourself to someone fully and having this returned can be a dangerous kind of love. This desperate submission forms the basis of ‘Surrender’ by anti-pop band gürl. The anthemic yet sexy single swirls through the endless devotion of a couple in this type of relationship. Through the silky lines and gritty tones, you are taken through the ups and downs of surrendering yourself to another.

Full of anxiety, sex and heaviness, the single is a perfect introduction to the band’s sound. Combining soaring choruses with alternative rock melodies, the band diverts from the mainstream for something raw and authentic. The accompanying music video for this single brings the band’s sound and aesthetic to vivid visual life.

‘Surrender’ draws you in with a very interesting opening full of swelling tones and clicking notes. The melody continues its subtle tones until the chorus hits when it bursts free. The guitars scream in the lower levels while the drums pound through you. This drops again for the verses for a silky flow like satin against your skin. There is a sexy heaviness to the melody that perfectly matches the vibe of the band. Later in the single is this guitar riff that seems to perfectly capture the desperate feelings of the lyrics and gritty undertones.

The silky swirling of the melody continuous with the vocals. They have this sultry feeling on the verses, but that turns to a grittier flow on the chorus as they burst out with the melody. There is a steamy vibe to the vocals that rips through you, particularly on the chorus. The chorus is extremely infectious and you will find yourself singing along before you know it.

The track’s music video is as steamy and gritty as the single itself. The video starts with a couple kissing while the band is seen in cutscenes. The colours and cutting between the couple and the band captures the desperation and submission of the lyrics. While a relatively simple visual, it captures every aspect of the single from the break-out chorus to the silky intro and gritty undertones.

Anti-pop band gürl consider the desperate submission of giving yourself to someone completely in the gritty yet sexy single ‘Surrender’. The silken tones of the opening give way to a gritty pulsing on the chorus that pounds through your chest. The accompanying music video captures the sultry darkness of the single perfectly.

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