Michael Brinkworth – King of Indecision (2020)

Drawing on the timeless greats of Neil Young, Imagine The Band and Dylan, Australian singer-songwriter Michael Brinkworth captivates with his alternative country-folk sound. Using heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melodies, he takes you on a musical journey that you won’t forget anytime soon. His upcoming second album Wasted Wonder was recorded with his full band line-up and the sixth single ‘King of Indecision’ is now out.

This melancholic folk ballad looks at losing your love to passivity and the inability to embrace love. It is a touching take on how indecision and stasis can lead to loss. The accompanying music video is a pleasure to watch and captures the heart of the track through an enthralling ballet performance.

‘King of Indecision’ draws you in with a gentle guitar opening that sets the melancholic tone of the track. While the opening is a simple acoustic guitar, there is a haunting sadness to the notes. While more instruments enter the melody, the sombre tone set forth at the start remains a constant. The harmonica line in the track adds to this tone with a sense of yearning.

Brinkworth’s vocals are as captivating as they are emotive. There is a raw honesty to his performance that tears at your heart. He is able to bring the melancholy of the melody to life and drive it home. His performance also highlights the lyrics of the track.

While the song on its own is enough to captivate you for the five-minutes it lasts, the video brings the emotions of the song to visual life. Professional dancers Bianca Fucsko and Giovano Messeri showcase the despair and vulnerability of the track. While simply showing the dancers with projected film footage, the video is artful in its execution.

Michael Brinkworth takes you on an emotional trip through tenderness, despair and vulnerability in ‘King of Indecision’. The song is melancholic from start to finish but leaves you feeling good at the end. The accompanying music video is equally beautiful in its emotive simplicity.

Find out more about Michael Brinkworth on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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