Andre Van Drunen – My Feelings’ Letter (2020)

Andre Van Drunen started his musical career singing covers of pop songs from Dua Lipa, Lorde and Lana Del Ray on YouTube. Now, he has shifted his focus to his own music and turned to singer-songwriters for inspiration. This shift has resulted in a string of singles with the latest being ‘My Feelings’ Letter’.

The song was written years ago when he was feeling overwhelmed on a business trip. Sitting at a piano in a public library, he wrote a song about a letter his feelings would write to him. This is a very interesting take on coping with emotions and feeling overwhelmed.

‘My Feelings’ Letter’ opens with this wonderful piano line. There is something captivating about it that hooks you and leads you through the song. The driving drumbeat that enters into the melody has you moving your heat to the beat and gives the song a pickup that offers you a bit of hope. While light, the melody does a lot in driving the base message of the track.

As the piano-driven melody hooks you, Van Drunen’s vocals gently infiltrate your senses. His performance is delicate and smooth. As you enjoy his performance, you are drawn into the lyrics. They start with a tale of being overwhelmed but coming from the point of view of your emotions they are so interesting. If you take the time to really listen, you can see where they are coming from and easily relate to them.

Andre Van Drunen lets his feelings do the talking to help you feel better and cope in ‘My Feelings’ Letter. This is an unbelievably interesting song lyrically, but it is also very enjoyable. You will be captivated and move to the beat while enjoying yourself.

Find out more about Andre Van Drunen on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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