Harry Phillips – Wristbands (2020)

There is nothing quite like going to a music festival with your friends. While this is not something we can do right now, Harry Phillips fills you with the joy of these moments with his single ‘Wristbands’. An ode to the excitement and positive vibes of enjoying good music with friends, the single takes you on an epic indie-pop journey.

A departure from his usual pop-rock sounds, the single is the lead track from this upcoming EP. Powered by the 2020 Billy Thorpe Scholarship, Phillips is pushing his music to new heights and in different directions. Combining edgier productions with an exploration of life in your early 20’s, he will have you eager for more.

‘Wristbands’ sends you soaring into a festival landscape with Phillips’ vocals from the first moment. His vocals make you think of fields filled with people having fun while you spend time with your friends. The flow of his performance is easy to fall into and has you moving to his groove. He is able to vividly paint the picture of a festival with his lyrics while infusing the joy of experiencing this with friends. The chorus is catchy and will make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs.

Below his engaging vocals is an equally catchy melody. There is a wonderful pace to the music that fills you with good vibes. At the start of the song, there is an expansive feeling to the melody before it turns to a more intimate feeling of happiness. There is something about the melody that you can’t help but enjoy as it pumps positivity into your veins.

Harry Phillips fills you with happiness and positive vibes in ‘Wristbands’, his ode to having fun with friends. His vocals fill you with positive energy as he effortless transports you to a music festival. The melody bolsters the excitement of the lyrics for an enjoyable listening experience.

Find out more about Harry Phillips on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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