Fremmand – Calling It Out (2020)

Putting something out of sight and out of mind is not always the best way to deal with problems. If you need some help facing something that is pulling you down, ‘Calling It Out’ by Fremmand is the track you need to listen to. The single looks at facing issues pulling you down and having the courage to break free from them even when it is painful and difficult.

Drawing on early goth and post-punk, Jana Hjalgrimsdottir (vocals), Tobias Weltzer (drums), Sigmund Zachariassen (guitar) and Tinna Tótudottir (bass) explore the tension between desperation and dreams. The band started in 2017 with only Hjalgrimsdottir and Weltzer, but they were joined by Zachariassen in 2019 and Tótudottir in early 2020. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of their music with an all-in attitude.

‘Calling It Out’ hits you with soaring lines and deep drums that hook you to the single. The expansive opening effortlessly draws you to Hjalgrimsdottir’s vocals. Her vocals creep over your skin and fill you with the darker emotions of the track. There is a lot of power in her performance that bursts out only to be reeled back in. Through her performance, you are encouraged to face the darkness in your life and break free when her vocals break free. The chorus soars above the melody as you cut the bad from your life.

The lush melody from the opening continues below her molten vocals. There are a few layers to the melody that create the emotional turmoil of the single. There are dark and deep tones that act like the problems holding you back while the guitars thunder at the uncertainty of breaking free. Higher notes come in later to draw you into an accepting state of mind, but those darker tones still nip at your heels.

Fremmand fills you with the courage to break free from the negativity that pulls you down with the rich sounds of ‘Calling It Out’. Hjalgrimsdottir’s vocals envelop you while the melody forms the churning turmoil of emotions. As the vocals break free, you are given a boost of courage to do the same.

Find out more about Fremmand on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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