Hazy – Thousand Suns (2020)

The end of the world is something that a lot of people don’t really want to think about. Fritz Hazy, the man behind Hazy, is not one of those people and talks about this moment in his new single ‘Thousand Suns’. However, he does take a different perspective of this end as he talks about the beauty of watching this happen with the ones you love. Not something you hear every day, the song gets you thinking and questioning your take on this moment.

His interpretation of the end of the world comes across in his own sonic style. Drawing on the influence of rock and heavy metal bands, he combines this with modern trap beats to hit you with a sonic explosion. His reflective style also helps you connect with the emotions of his music and the situations he lays out.

‘Thousand Suns’ draws you in with a progressive opening that slowly gets louder. The deep vibrations give way to these lighter notes that flitter across your senses. The hip-hop beats start to fizzle into life under this and drive through you. There is a great beat deep in the melody that draws you down the track. The layered elements of the melody work together to drive forward and create a hazy feeling for the end of the world. There is a sombreness to the beats that adds a sense of gravity to the music.

While the melody grounds you, Hazy’s vocals have a rawness to them. The passion in each word highlights the emotions of the lyrics and helps to set the stage. As you listen to his performance, you are hit with the potential beauty of a fiery end to the world. His performance is nuanced and smooth letting you float to his flow.

Hazy takes a different perspective of the end of the world in the flowing ‘Thousand Suns’. This single has this amazing melodic flow that draws you in as the vocals wrap around you. There is a depth to this song that is wonderful to hear and shines a light on the beauty of sharing the end of everything with those you love.

Find out more about Hazy on his Instagram and Spotify.

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