Brandon Agustus – Wild Things (2021)

We all have different sides to our personalities and some of these sides are only seen by certain people. Through the high-octane energy of ‘Wild Things’, Brando Agustus looks at being with someone special and the side of you they bring to the fore. Never shying away from empowerment and sexual freedom, the single is a serious earworm that wiggles its way into your brain and will not budge.

A change from the darker and more serious tones of his previous releases, the single highlights Agustus’ bubbly personality and the energy special people bring to our lives. Part of a series of songs that highlights the lighter side of his music, it draws on influences that range from Prince to Lil Nas X. Since starting his musical career in 2013 working with Randy Bergida, Agustus has steadily been crafting his sound and has a line-up of gigs for the coming year.

‘Wild Things’ hits you with some serious hip-hop vocals from the first moment. The vibrating edges of the vocals warble through your head and lead you to Agustus’ melodic flows. There is a really bright energy to his main performance that has you smiling and filled with the light feelings that someone special fills you with. The hip-hop tones turn into a pop flow that is wonderfully unique and engaging. You can’t listen to his performance and not bop your head to his vocals. The chorus is catchy and you are going to be singing along with him later in the track. This is definitely one of those vocal performances that make you want to turn up the volume and sing along with all your friends.

Under the vocals that first grab your attention, is a cascading yet bouncing melody. The music chitters and bounces on deep beats to get you bopping along. As the energy of the vocals flows into your veins, the melody provides the perfect base for them to be propelled off. The beats continue throughout the track with those chittering tones scratching at the back of your brain. Later in the track, brighter electronic tones make their way into the soundscape to draw you up into the euphoria of the high-octane energy.

Brandon Agustus uses an infectious and high-octane energy to lift your spirits and get you undeniably hooked to his catchy sound in ‘Wild Things’. The vocals draw you in with vibrating echoes that turn into melodic flows of catchy energy. The melody bolsters the vocals and sends you soaring on the wings of euphoria.

Find out more about Brandon Agustus on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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