Zadar – Alien Being (2020)

From time to time, most people experience feelings of isolation, loneliness and rejection. If you are looking for a song that captures these moments, look no further than ‘Alien Being’ by Zadar. Drawing on classic post-punk and gothic rock, the single offers an atmospheric connection for anyone who feels like an outcast.

This connection comes from Antonio Luberto, the man behind the music. As part of his upcoming album, the single was a means of expressing himself during a difficult time. While inspired by personal experience, the theme and emotions are relatable and something that most people can connect with on an individual level.

‘Alien Being’ hits the ground running with this opening line that grabs you by the head and pulls you into the soundscape. The higher tones in the melody get your heart pumping, but there is something darker lurking in the paced music. The darkness is like a thread of loneliness that you feel deep inside even when you are surrounded by other people or having a good time. The roiling melody does get you moving to the rhythm while bouncing you against the emotions of the lyrics.

Zadar’s vocals provide a larger hit of gothic darkness. His performance has a light reverb created by recording in the bathroom of his apartment. This adds to the emotional hit of the themes explored in the lyrics. As you tumble along the melody, the lyrics and vocals fill you with darker emotions. While this could become extremely depressing, there is something hidden in the melody that makes you feel like you could work through everything. The sense of connection also helps you understand that you are not alone when you feel these emotions.

Zadar explores feelings of isolation, loneliness and rejection to a gothic rock soundscape in ‘Alien Being’. The single pumps you up with a roiling melody only for Zadar’s darker vocals to push you down. By the end of the song, you are inundated with emotions while feeling a sense of connection with others who share the experience.

Find out more about Zadar on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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