Helen – Bitter Bitch (2022)

Through her previous releases, Helen has shown that she is not an artist trapped in one style as she moved from emotional hits to blasts of fun. She is now showing another side of her musicality with ‘Bitter Bitch’. Bringing together elements of RnB, funk and pop, the song talks about unapologetically being yourself and the resilience that is in all of us.

Shrugging off negative emotions and the bad thoughts of others, the single leaves you feeling strong and able to take on anything people have to throw at you. Helen’s talent for composing unique, yet super engaging songs, continues with this release, while letting us know that she is not going to be stopping any time soon. Written as a way to express her emotions, this single laughs at the negativity of others and leaves you feeling comfortable in your own empowerment.

‘Bitter Bitch’ bounces into your ears with a really funky movement that has you bopping to the music. There is a twanging vibrating bass that vibrates in your chest and meets the funky clapping higher tones for a really engaging movement. There is a light wah-wah that warbles in the background of the melody that adds this delightful pulse to the soundscape. Every element of the melody bolsters the funky flow of the music that brings warbling lights to your brain. The record scratches are also a great touch in the latter parts of the single.

As you are getting your funk on with the melody, Helen’s vocals fill you with empowerment. She tackles the negative thoughts and opinions of others with a smirking flair. Shrugging off the bad, she flings their negativity back at them with sass and resilience. Through her performance, she lets you know that you can be unapologetically yourself and those who don’t like it can be left behind. Her performance is catchy and funk with a touch of RnB, that is utter perfection. You are going to have the chorus of this track stuck in your head for long after it has ended because there is no other option.

Helen shrugs off the negative opinions of others and fills us with the resilience to unapologetically be ourselves with the extremely engaging and funky ‘Bitter Bitch’. The music hooks you from the first funky tone, to the record scratches in the latter parts. Her vocals are smooth and packed with sass as she leaves a trail of empowerment in her wake.

Find out more about Helen on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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