August Rayne – Messed Up (2021)

There are times when heartbreak can feel impossible to move on from and you are stuck in a cycle of painful emotions. At these times, it is best to listen to ‘Messed Up’ by August Rayne. This RnB track takes listeners on a journey of life after heartbreak, leading to a lighter and brighter future. Packed with traditional RnB tones, the single draws on the vocal stylings made popular by Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

While a masterpiece of contemporary RnB with traditional touches, the single showcases the power of Rayne’s vocals. Growing up singing in a church choir, she has honed her vocal skills over the years. Rayne is now ready to unleash its power through this single and get you eager to hear the lighter tracks that follow.

‘Messed Up’ rises up with a slight warble and reverb. The music has a neon feeling to it as it pulses with light bursts of ultraviolet light. There is a swirl of darkness in the soundscape, but this is not sad, rather more comforting, like the embrace of night after a trying day. The pulsing tones of the melody have a smooth flow that leads you into the vibrating and warbling notes. Beneath them, the beats have a heavy RnB touch to them that adds depth to the melody. There are a lot of textures to the sound that flow into each other with a slick slide and engaging pulse.

Ryne’s vocals continue the heavy hit of RnB vibes as she grabs your attention from the first word. There is a rolling flow to her vocal performance that rises up into a seductive movement. Through this, she considers the end of a relationship and the negative emotions this brings. As the single progresses, she moves on from the hurt and the messed up feeling the breakup created. It is a strong emotion that rises through her performance and has you feeling that you can also move on from hurt and heartbreak.

August Rayne offers a helping hand to move on from the pain and heartbreak that come from a breakup in the slick RnB vibe of ‘Messed Up’. The melody pulses with neon lights and ultraviolet flows, while embracing you under the cover of darkness. Her vocals are powerful in their contemporary slide as she moves on from pain and heartbreak.

Find out more about August Rayne on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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