Hennessey – We Will Not Be Lovers (2020)

Leah Hennessey (vocals), E.J. O’Hara (synths, drum machine) and Malachy O’Neil (guitars) form the fairly new band Hennessey. This group of multidisciplinary artists has come together to create vintage-pop songs with some electronic dance and punk obsession thrown in. Their latest single ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ is a deep cut of the song off The Waterboys’ 1998 album Fisherman’s Blues.

The band’s love for the song came when they saw The Waterboys live in Prospect Park. When they started playing ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’, Hennessey knew that the song was theirs in a way they cannot explain. The poetry of the lyrics and torrential feelings of the track gripped them.

‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ hits you with a deep beat that gets you into the track. This beat drives you through the song while the synths and guitars come and go. These musical interjections are interesting, but the fact that most of the melody is driven by only the beat and Hennessey’s vocals is what really makes the song. There is an increase in the melody closer to the end of the song that gives it the final push it needs to stick with you.

The vocal performance on the track is what really sets the overall pace. There is an amazing flow to the performance that hooks you. As the song progresses, you can also feel the connection the band has with this song. There are moments when the vocals roar to life and you can hear the emotion in every word.

Hennessey showcases their love for the poetic and torrential emotions of ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ in their version of the track. The deep beat drives you forward, but the vocals grab you and help you connect with the emotions of the band.

Find out more about Hennessey on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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