Con Killion – Prada U (2021)

Positive energy is something that can affect numerous parts of our lives, whether we acknowledge this or not. Con Killion is paying tribute to the people who are embracing new energy in their lives with his single ‘Prada U’. While nodding at these people, he also pays homage to the moment he realised the power of positive energy and how it can lift your soul. If you need some help connecting with this energy, this is the track for you.

The single follows his debut EP and is the lead track from his upcoming project Detroit’s The Way. Drawing on his own experience in life, Killion with his close friend and songwriting collaborator Marcus Mims creates a formidable single that get you hooked to his RnB sound.

‘Prada U’ has a rich opening with waves of sparkling tones that give way to seriously deep beats. There is a sultry slide to the music that wraps around you like a satin covering. The melody seems to be relatively simple, but there are multiple layers coming together. Each layer is subtle while adding to the depth of the whole. The lush feeling of the music enhances Killion’s vocals and perfectly match the lyrics.

There is a light electronic edge to the vocals in the opening of the track before your ears are treated to the smooth flow of Killion’s vocals. Through the lyrics, you are filled with an acknowledgement of the power of positive energy. The verses break down the changes this energy can bring while the choruses are a smooth tribute to this energy. All of this has been wrapped up in Killion’s wonderful RnB vocals that are velveteen and great to listen to.

Con Killion pays homage to positive energy and the changes this energy can bring through the soulful tones of ‘Prada U’. The sultry tones of the melody wrap around you like satin while Killion’s vocals are a velveteen layer of smoothness. Together, they fill you with soothing vibes and make you want to embrace new energy.

Find out more about Con Killion on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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