Icarus Moth ft SABRE – Quicksand (2022)

With his single ‘Quicksand’, Icarus Moth is combining his genre-defying and bright synths with the soulful vocals of SABRE. Together, they create a single that is full to the brim of adventure, soaring vocals and moving melodics. The rich touch of old-school jazz tops off the production for a collaborative effort that knocks you out and leaves you reeling.

The single is a promising follow-up to Icarus Moth’s debut single as he draws you into a sense of escapism and the adventure that comes with this. While Icarus Moth already had a formidable career recording and touring with prominent independent acts, his electronic music moves into an inventive space. Plucking the best elements of jazz, country, soul and electronic pop, he carefully combines them into a musical flame that draws you to it like a moth.

‘Quicksand’ uses a really light touch to draw you into the single before the really deep beats vibrate in your chest. There is an old-school vibe to the music that dances around a more modern RnB flow. The ease flow of the verses is rich and rather decadent, but this completely changes for the pulse of the chorus. The beats rise up through the soundscape to push against your brain. There is an amazing blending of genres through the single that come together for a wonderful listening experience. Just as you sink into the richness of the melody, the synths start to change and the beats rise up to bounce you off the sound vibrations.

As you sink and bounce along with the melodic flow, SABRE’s vocals slide across your skin with a soulful and silken touch. Her voice is an amazing organic counterpoint to the electronic tones of the melody bringing a balance of sound. As her performance slips into your brain, you are drawn into a world of adventure and escapism. This is woven into feelings of affection that you want to dive into but feel a little nervous about. The balance of emotional adventures and physical adventures has been wonderfully maintained throughout the single.

Icarus Moth and SABRE join forces for the decadent tones of ‘Quicksand’ which draws you into a world of adventure, affection and escapism. The melody brings touches of old-school vibes to modern synths for an engagingly rich soundscape. SABRE’s vocals are soulful and silken as she draws you into the lyrics.

Find out more about Icarus Moth on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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