Gadagem – Abelebe (2021)

If you are in the mood for a downtempo love song that brings a pulse of dance beats and heavy synths, ‘Abelebe’ is what you need. The debut single from Gadagem, it gets you in the mood to slow dance with someone you care about while getting lost in the movement of the music. Touching on the duo’s original grunge roots, the track is a pop gem that should not be missed.

The geeky trippy cousins Panpakorn (guitar) and Kosit (drums) behind the sound, set out to create something different. After the EP from the grunge band they are in was delayed due to the pandemic, they unleashed their angst through electronic tones. While unleashing of their emotions, the single is touching in its electronic movements.

‘Abelebe’ hits you with some groovy trippy tones from the first moment. There is a great depth to the sound that rises and falls like ripples on water. The electronic drone of the low levels is the endless darkness at the bottom of a pool while the higher electronic notes are a kaleidoscope of colours reflecting off the waters. There is a lot going on in the melody as electronic tones pulse, pop and burst from all sides to inundate your senses. It is a seriously immersive melody that overtakes your senses but does so in the most remarkably easy manner.

The vocals continue the electronic edging of the track while also offering an organic touch. There is a matter of fact feeling to the vocals that is interesting for a love song. As the melody pulses around you, the vocals call you into the dance of the track that is just slightly off-kilter. At times, you get a burst of 80s pop sensibilities through the vocals which brings a new dimension to the song. Every part of the single comes together for a truly unique listening experience that you are not going to forget any time soon.

Gadagem pulses electronic tones through your brain before the steady match of the vocals dances across your senses in ‘Abelebe’. There is a delightful depth to the music as it wraps around your senses in a movement that is so unique. The vocals add a new texture to the track while pulling you into the strange dance of the song.

Find out more about Gadagem on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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