IRYS – Weirdo (2022)

With her aptly titled single ‘Circles’, IRYS used dark retro vibes to look at the circling of negative thoughts that lead to internal pressure. She is now hitting us with ‘Weirdo’, a catchy electronic pop vibe that carries some of the dark tendrils of her unique sound. Including driven riffs and intriguing lyrics, the single considers the feeling of not fitting in, only to meet someone who just understands you.

Part acceptance and part twisted love story, the single twines different sonic elements and sentiments together to become something wonderfully unique. If her last releases haven’t got you hooked to her masterful blend of sound, this is definitely the single that will. It picks up touches of darkness and soothes them with acceptance, only to spin into a flurry of energy.

‘Weirdo’ hits you with some dark dance vibes from the first moment. The low tones of the melody slink into your muscles and get them moving to the rhythm. There is an ultraviolet feeling to the melody that makes you feel like you are in an underground club, with the dark neon lights flashing and bodies crushing the dancefloor. There is a really unique edge to the melody that brings this wonderful sense of IRYS to the track. The twanging notes that meander through the bursts of light in the melody add a vibration of energy to the track. The dark tendrils threaded into the music takes everything to new heights, while the driving riffs keep you moving from start to finish.

Once the melody has you hooked to the movement, IRYS’ vocals slither into your senses, bringing the intriguing lyrics of the track to life. The lyrics are a rather dark tale of twisted love that is both accepting and toxic. The almost sighing touch of the vocals enhances the darkness of the tale, while the chorus drops you into the spiral this type of love can bring. The interplay between the vocals and the melody is masterful and places you in the eye of a dark storm.

IRYS masterfully combines her dark-pop style with driving riffs that fill your senses with ultraviolet lights in the addictive ‘Weirdo’. The music hooks you from the first note with dark dance vibes that makes you want to move, while picturing an underground club and the crush of bodies on the dance floor. IRYS’ vocals slink into your ears bringing the dark tale of twisted love to beautiful sonic life.

Find out more about IRYS on her Instagram and Spotify.

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