Matthew Liam Nicholson – Time Machine (2022)

Described by Pitchfork as “stretching the ethereality of dream-pop into bliss-out”, Matthew Liam Nicholson has a sound that is haunting, surreal and sensational. Already a favourite on The Other Side Reviews, the US-based Australian singer-songwriter easily captivates listeners with his music. Yet, we are not the only ones singing Nicholson’s praises with coverage on Send Me Your Ears, Pop Fad Blog, York Calling, Roadie Music and many more. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Time Machine’.

A sweeping six-minute-long single, ‘Time Machine’ follows Nicholson’s track ‘The Worm Turns’ (read our review here). Retaining his ethereal experimental sounds, ‘Time Machine’ tosses you into a sonic whirlpool surrounded by a hazy ambience. Showcasing his versatility, there is a folk-tinged influence to the dream-pop single which seems to create an obscure melody. Already an established musician, Nicholson knows how to capture hearts and he showcases his expertise in ‘Time Machine’.

Some people might find six minutes of swaying eclectic melodies too long to handle, but, in my opinion, ‘Time Machine’ is not long enough. The heavily guitar-influenced track has an acoustic feel soothing your ears, as well as a charming vibe transporting you to another plane of existence. Nicholson shares that this song is a “…dreamy meditation on circles, cycles, rotations, revelations, changing times…reflecting upon this indefinable gathering of souls from all over the universe sequestered here together on planet Earth at this very weird time of transformation.”

What I find interesting is how Nicholson’s dulcet tones harmonise effortlessly and elegantly with the instrumentation. It is like viewing a sonic tapestry where the guitars, synths and vocal execution come together to create a shining image of his sound. Oozing sentimentality, reflection and a sense to come together, Matthew Liam Nicholson has hypnotised me with ‘Time Machine’.

For more from Matthew Liam Nicholson check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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