IsaacO – Hopeless and Lonely (2020)

IsaacO is offering us a fresh perspective of fear and despair with his latest single ‘Hopeless and Lonely’. Taking on the emotions we all felt at some point during the pandemic, he covers you in a chilled and soulful soundscape. Using an inspiring viewpoint, the emotive single lets you know that you are not alone and that you can get through this.

Written with long time collaborator and producer Theo Davies and songwriter Josh Wheatley, the single showcases IsaacO’s heartfelt range. While Theo and IsaacO started making music as a hobby, their musicality has been gaining them fans with each new release.

‘Hopeless and Lonely’ has a smooth and soulful opening full of IssacO’s emotive vocals. From the first moment of the single, he soulfully pulls you into his perspective of fear and loneliness. There is something about his performance that sinks into your chest and fills you with emotion. You can feel a sense of hopelessness creeping through his voice, but there is also a sense of hope. If you are looking for something to cling to in the darker moments, this is the song you should listen to. The lyrics connect with how many people have been feeling but offer solace in the storm of negative emotions.

Below the relatable vocals is a smooth melody that creeps under your skin and lifts you up. The deep tones of the music bolster the messaging of the track and the emotional impact. Through the melody, you are drawn into the despair and hopelessness of the lyrics only to be swept into hopefulness and the sense that things can be good.

IsaacO offers a fresh perspective of the fear, despair and hopelessness we have all felt in the soulful and touching ‘Hopeless and Lonely’. The soulful melody bolsters the emotions of his vocals for a relatable projection of negative emotions with a slice of hope.

Find out more about IsaacO on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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