Marina Avetisian – Amber (2020)

Marina Avetisian is a Russian-born, London-based singer-songwriter who has been making music with her band since 2016. Avetisian and her partner Miguan (bass) produce their music in a home studio with Jorma Gasperi (guitar) and Emo Polledo (drums). Their latest single ‘Amber’ was produced differently because of lockdown, but still carries their tantalising sound.

The single’s vocals were recorded in Avetisian’s home studio, but the drums were recorded in Argentina and the guitar in London. All the elements come together to for a song about the inner fire that keeps us going. The song also looks at how this fire moves us forward as we follow our dreams.

‘Amber’ starts with this delightful jazzy feel with some ethereal dreamy notes. There is a haziness to the melody that is sultry and wonderful. This gives the song a light and positive summery feeling. You could easily imagine listening to this song while lounging in the sun with a tall cold drink. Listening to the melody, you would never imagine that the band was not in the same studio when it was recorded.

The jazzy melody with its bluesy notes accentuates Avetisian’s smoky vocals. As her vocals wind their way around you, she draws you into the inspiring lyrics. She is able to make you feel that you have the inner fire you need to keep going. While the song might seem simple at first, there are these layers that are simply seductive and captivating.

Marina Avetisian inspires you to find the fire inside with the dreamy jazz tune ‘Amber’. The song combines her alluring vocals with a bluesy beat to grip you tight.

Find out more about Marina Avetisian on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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