Gefahrgeist – Graceless (2020)

Are you looking for an ethereal pop sound that you can float along in a dreamlike state? Well, look no further than ‘Graceless’, the debut single from Scottish electronic pop duo Gefahrgeist. The single combines the musical expertise of the duo creating a dreamy soundscape packed with meaningful lyrics.

Fiona Liddell brings ten years of experience with various bands and her instrumental prowess. Niall Rae adds a transformative power to the mix as he helps turn simple piano pieces into electronic pop anthems. Together, they form an evolving and encompassing sound that drips creativity and musicality. As a debut single, this one really sets the bar for what else the pair have in store for us.

‘Graceless’ builds the dreamy soundscape from the first ethereal note. The light piano lines that swirl from the depths have you twirling in the clouds. The melody has this wonderful undulating flow that gives way to pulsing tones and zinging notes. However, the dreaminess of the vibe remains while getting a light jazz infusion. The swirling soundscape swells for the chorus as you are inundated with airy tones like colours flitting across your vision. The movement of the melody propels you through the single as it weaves into Liddell’s vocals.

Her performance is like a ray of light coming through the colourful clouds of the melody. She draws you through the soundscape while adding to the dreamy vibes of the track. There is a lot of power in her vocals that shine throughout the single. As she draws you into the lyrics, her performance powers through you and drives the messaging of the lyrics home.

The accompanying music video captures the dreamy soundscape in a colourful way. The surrealist landscape of the imagery takes you on a journey through the music. Through the almost abstract visuals of the video, you fall further into the dreamy soundscape. It is an easy video to watch and offers you a visual landscape to get swept away in.

Gefahrgeist gets you lost in their dreamy soundscape with catchy tones and uplifting vocals in ‘Graceless’. If you are looking for a song that sends you to another plain, this is the one to listen to. The dreamy soundscape has you floating to it while the vocals power through your chest.

Find out more about Gefahrgeist on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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