Isolated Corners – Sleeper (2022)

The brainchild of Edward Tucker, Isolated Corners is a high-energy, hard-hitting music project. While UK-based Tucker is often seen as part of the alternative rock band Big Lava, Isolated Corners is his step into the solo musician’s world. In the past five years (give or take), we have seen (or rather heard) several EPs and singles from this talented singer-songwriter.

Featured on Rising Artists Music Blog, York Calling and BBC Radio, Tucker is quickly building a national following. Yet, his music is reaching international levels with several Spotify playlist adds and even a couple of reviews on The Other Side Reviews. Come with us as we delve once again into the intriguing world of Isolated Corners with his EP Sleeper.

Hot on the heels of his single ‘Flatline’, Tucker showcases his innovativeness and eclecticism as an artist in Sleeper. The six-track EP opens with the alternative rock-inspired track ‘Double Negative’. Tossing you immediately into a calm sonic river, Tucker rocks you gently to sleep; however, he doesn’t keep the gentle rocking going on. Transitions in ‘Double Negative’ flit between mellow and smooth to a far more powerful, aggressive and energetic movement. The combination of dynamic drums and pounding guitars with some distorted vocals fill the river with tumultuous waves, but you enjoy it.

Moving along to ‘Cornerstone’ and ‘Flatline’, we can clearly hear the inspiration he takes from Queens of the Stone Age. Heavy, hard and powerful, the tracks bring an intensity to the EP that hits you in the gut – but you enjoy it. A more indie-rock meets Britpop flavour is heard in ‘I Know Something That I Shouldn’t’ (read our review here) with some reminiscence to Idles and The Strokes. The thing is, Tucker brings a distinctive edginess to this mix making it utterly Isolated Corners.

In ‘I See That Side Of Me’, Edward Tucker slows down a tad moving from gut-punching aggression to flowing arrangements. The pounding drums and hard-hitting guitar remains; however, the vocal execution is less “screaming” with a charming calm to the track. Of course, no Isolated Corners song is complete without guitar riffs climbing into catchy choruses laying beneath a slathering of gritty hard rock. Sleeper closes with a true gem of a track – ‘Spin’. Soft, smooth and intimate, Tucker ends the EP on a calm note sending chills down your spine with its haunting ambience.

Gut-grabbing, brain-rattling, soul-stirring and breath-taking, Edward Tucker takes you on a mad journey through angst and aggression to leave you floating away with chilled-out vibes. I cannot wait to see (or rather hear) what else Isolated Corners has in store.

For more from Isolated Corners check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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