We Are Messengers – Come What May (2022)

There are times when we need music that offers the resilience that we feel fading from our daily lives. This is what We Are Messengers brings with their anthemic single ‘Come What May’. Through the track, the band touches on the uncertainty and lack of control we have all felt over the last few years only to bolster our strength with the understanding that God loves us regardless of the situation we are in.

While the single has definite Christian foundations, the concept that there is someone by our side no matter what is one that we can all connect to. No newcomer to the music scene, We Are Messengers has already gained a serious following with their uplifting and powerful sound. Their music has led them to win a K-LOVE Fan Award and perform for millions across 5 countries.

‘Come What May’ softly leads you into a melody that shines with the beautiful rays of dawn. The music is uplifting and shimmers with golden glints that fill you with liberating energy. As the melody moves into the chorus, there is soaring freedom that sweeps through your soul and leaves only good vibes in its wake. There is a touch of anthemic energy to the melody as it continues to take you higher and higher on comforting and strengthening air currents. Later in the track, the music drops you into a stunning calm movement that starts to build up again. It is a powerful melody that accentuates the movement of the vocals and the message of the lyrics.

As the melody gently gets your attention, the vocals have a delicate touch to them as they acknowledge the struggles we all face. There is an interesting turn to the lyrics that considers how troubles and struggles are needed to see the good in the world. As the vocals flow toward the chorus, there is a steadying presence to their movement that comes from knowing that someone or something greater is there for you. The lyrics carry the distinct Christian edge of the band, but there is something about their powerful movement that transcends religious belief. The powerful message and energy of the track sink into your soul through the performance whether you are religious or not.

We Are Messengers brings a message of resilience on the wings of uplifting energy and powerful anthemic instrumentation in ‘Come What May’. The melody sweeps you into the comforting air currents of the single while the vocals bolster your strength. While there is a use of Christian imagery in the lyrics, the message that there is someone or something greater than us looking out for us is one that resonates regardless of religious belief.

Find out more about We Are Messengers on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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