Ivan Moon – Cellophane (2021)

Most people have one obsession that they don’t even realise is an obsession. For many people, that is being glued to a screen for whatever reason. Ivan Moon has taken the anxiety that comes with obsession and turned it into his single ‘Cellophane’. Using his evolving sound that mixes post-punk with some traditional rock sensibilities, he reflects on being lost in the constant impulses and vacuum created by technology.

As his debut single, this is really a wonderful introduction to what Ivan Moon has to offer. Taking his futuristic punk sound and wrapping it around a soul that offers a bitter-sweet core, he brings the music he feels is missing in the world to your ears. After writing and recording around 20 song ideas, he decided to start releasing his music as a solo artist.

‘Cellophane’ pounds and thumps against your ears from the first moment. The guitars and bass have you vibrating to their tones. There is a running feeling to the music that makes you want to get up and jump around. It is a really intense vibe that makes its way into your veins from the first second and will not let go. There is a guitar riff after the chorus that has you vibing to it before you are hit with the vibrating energy again. This energy is rather anxiety-inducing as it shakes up your insides and fills you with the emotions of the single.

As you are pulled into a mess of anxiety, Moon’s vocals come through in all their post-punk glory. There is a lot of attitude packed into his performance as he punches through the melody and has you considering the lyrics. Through his performance, he fills you with the need to give in to your obsession while acknowledging that this is a serious problem.

Ivan Moon has you shivering through an anxiety-riddled melody while considering obsession in ‘Cellophane’. Using the music to great success, he has you inundated with the anxiety of being away from your screen while the vocals consider our obsession with modern technology. With some post-punk attitude, he takes on emotions that we are all able to connect with.

Find out more about Ivan Moon on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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