Taylor B-W – I’m So Broke (2021)

Taylor B-W is flirting with the colourful sounds of the 90s in her single ‘I’m So Broke’. While dusting the single with these tones, she balances feeling unhinged with lockdown and a lack of funds. Written during the first lockdown when COVID rapidly shut down her gigs, she wanted to avoid a typical depressed single while unleashing her feelings on the world.

Using an upbeat melody, her sassy and soulful vocals project her cool sensibilities and hook you to her sound. The newest addition to her strongly growing body of work, the single blends feeling not-okay and upbeat vibes. With a current of electronic pop, she converses through the single letting you connect and feel like you are talking to an old friend.

‘I’m So Broke’ breathes to life with a gentle tone before clicking notes get your head moving. The melody through the opening verse is gentle before you are hit with the thumping beats of the chorus. The ebb and flow of the melodics are wonderful as it has you riding the emotions of the single. The easy flow of the verses has a slightly melancholic edge that falls away to the upbeat and bright tones of the chorus. The synths that make an appearance later twirl around you and have you closing your eyes to give into their movement.

As the melody rises and falls, Taylor’s vocals put a smile on your face. She opens the track with a conversational flow to her performance that rises with a melodic movement to the matter of fact chorus. The burst of the chorus will have you shouting out with her. Every word in the track is so easy to relate to as most of us have felt them at some point in the last year. The harmonising vocals on the chorus add to the friendly feeling of the track. Every element of the single is wonderful and makes it an instant addition to any favourite playlist.

Taylor B-W connects with listeners through an upbeat melody and matter of fact vocals in ‘I’m So Broke’. Every element of the track bounces through your chest and makes you want to shout out with her on the chorus. If you are looking for a single that you can have fun to while feeling like you are talking to a friend, this is the one for you.

Find out more about Taylor B-W on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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