Ivy Eye – Make My Way Out (To the Sun) (2021)

If you need a song that gets you moving to its rhythm, ‘Make My Way Out (To the Sun) is what you are looking for. From the duo Ivy Eye, the single cements the disco influence of their funk-pop sound. With an infectious melody, they explore elements of nu-disco while driving listeners into their rich soundscape.

While Matthew Benham and Rory Sheppard only have a few other releases under their belts, the masterful merger of sounds in this track makes you think they have been doing this for a long time. Since the release of their debut single, they have garnered attention from Playlist curators and major TV music supervisors. With this single, they are staking their claim to a sound that sees them as one of the more interesting emerging acts on the music scene.

‘Make My Way Out (To the Sun)’ sweeps you into some serious disco tones that have you wanting to spin around under a disco ball. There is a hit of nostalgia woven into the retro tones of the melody. While the melody carries a heavy influence of old-school disco, there is a touch of modernity to it as well. This makes the track a great dancefloor pop track that is infectious and driving.

While the melody twinkles with the tones of disco long gone, the vocals lean more on modern pop sensibilities. This is true until you hit the chorus which sparkles with higher funky disco tones. The chorus glitters across your senses and makes you want to reach for something that is usually just out of your reach. The movement of the vocal performance has your foot tapping as much as the melody gets your muscles moving. Everything in the track comes together to form a really lush and rich soundscape that swirls around you like coloured mist.

Ivy Eye twirls your senses to the sound of nu-disco while getting your body moving and your sense reaching out in ‘Make My Way Out (To the Sun)’. The melody carries a blast from the past while the vocals delve into modern alternative pop. Every aspect of the track is carefully crafted and fit together to engage you from the first sparkling note to the very last.

Find out more about Ivy Eye on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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