Jacob George Band – Mama’s Girl (2021)

With their single ‘Mama’s Girl’, Jacob George Band bring the unconditional love between a mother and daughter to life. Using their own experiences to create the story of the single, they bring an upbeat vibe to your ears while edging the border of deeper issues. Tapping into the story of a quirky girl who keeps you guessing, the undertones of the track touch on mental health and how this affects familial relationships.

A journey of love that overcomes the many challenges life throws at is, the single brings a message of love and support. While the single touches on a personal experience, there is a universality to the messaging that makes it instantly engaging. Jacob George (vocals, guitar), Nestor Rigaud (bass) and Tom Gilfoy (drums) bring their signature indie rock sound to the track which was recorded under the difficult situation of the pandemic.

‘Mama’s Girl’ strums into your ears with a soft rock flow that brings a touch of the 90s to your ears. There is a slightly nostalgic vibe to the music as it draws you into an almost reflective state of mind. The music rises on the chorus for a foot-tapping movement that is packed with affection and love. The steady movement of the melody creates the perfect foundation for the story of the lyrics.

George’s vocals are smooth as he pulls you into the story of the single. Through the lyrics, you can’t help but smile as you are introduced to the quirky girl of the track and feel the affection flowing between the characters. This is particularly clear in the chorus as the vocals soar with the rising melody. While the vocals are packed with affection, there is a deeper and darker edge to them. This darkness is the underlying mental health struggle that threatens to pull everyone down. While the potential is there, as the single progresses, you are filled with the resilience and support that comes from being around loved ones.

Jacob George Band fills you with unconditional love in the face of hardships and mental health struggles in ‘Mama’s Girl’. The steady rock melody provides a solid foundation for the exploration of the vocals and the story of the lyrics. George’s voice is soothing as he introduces the characters and touches on the underlying darkness of the song.

Find out more about Jacob George Band on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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