Suray Sertin – Back To Me (2021)

If you are in the mood for a single that captures rainy nights and long drives, Suray Sertin has just what you need. His latest single ‘Back to Me’ uses dreamy guitars, floating synths and ambient sounds to bring the mood to life. With a hint of nostalgia, the textured track offers an authentic and honest soundscape that is so easy to get lost in.

The track continues the integration of organic and digital sounds that have become a staple in Sertin’s music. Together, these elements create tracks that have a deep familiarity to them while also coming from a different world. With evocative sounds that are quite unlike anything else out there, he wraps you up in the journey of his music.

‘Back to Me’ has you thinking of rainy nights from the first moment with the sounds of heavy rainfall and a clap of thunder. This abruptly drops for some synth notes that pop against your ears and shuffle with a slightly funky tone. The music has a unique flow that is part electronic pop and part ambient sounds. The combination of the different tones has a modern yet timeless feeling to it. The slightly distorted notes tug at your brain with a hook of nostalgia before they push you back into the deeper shuffling beats.

Sertin’s vocals bring a distorted vibe to the mid-levels of the track. His performance also continues the combination of the melody as you are hit with an organic flow to his performance while the electronic overlay adds its own edge to this voice. While distorted, his vocals have an honesty and sincerity in them that is hard to miss. While the vocals are not the focus of the track, they create an additional layer to the diverse melody that is constantly evolving as the track progresses.

Suray Sertin has you falling into a diverse soundscape of constantly evolving musical elements in ‘Back to Me’. With popping synth beats, funky shuffles and a timeless yet modern energy, the track is unlike anything else you are likely to be listening to. Textured and evolving, the song combines instruments with electronic tones and distorted vocals for a sonic journey.

Find out more about Suray Sertin on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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