Jacqueline Loor – Nada Mas (2022)

Described by KMS Reviews as the “…beautiful multi-talent Jacqueline Loor proves without a doubt that she can put a spell on you with her voice”, Loor is able to captivate audiences across the globe. KMS Reviews is not the only ones to singer the US-based singer’s praises with positive coverage on Find No Enemy, Roadie Music, Less Than 1000 Followers and Indie Music Center (to name but a few). The latest addition to Loor’s repertoire is the single ‘Nada Mas’.

Drawing on her Latin roots, the half-Cuban/half-Ecuadorian singer blasts out a Spanish beauty in her track ‘Nada Mas’. With the effects of Covid-19 placing most of the world in lockdown, musicians took to the internet for recording and production – ‘Nada Mas’ is the result of remote collaborations. Created with multi-instrumentalist and co-writer Enrique Lloreda, ‘Nada Mas’ is a baby of the US and Colombia. The instrumentation was arranged in Colombia, while the beautiful vocals were recorded in Florida; pretty cool, hey?

Influenced by her Latin heritage, Jacqueline Loor’s sound has a wistful Shakira vibe but with a fuller, richer contemporary pop edginess. Following her dance-inspired single ‘La Dura’, Loor adopts a softer, smoother approach in ‘Nada Mas’. While there is a silkier sound in the new track, it retains the upbeat nature she has become known for. What I find particularly interesting is how Latin beats are more prominent in ‘Nada Mas’ as compared to any of her previous work. Is this perhaps because of her collaboration with the Colombia-based Lloreda? What I do know is that ‘Nada Mas’ is oozing with Spanish sexiness.

Filled to the brim with sensuality, Jacqueline Loor builds an intensely intimate setting with the lip-biting melody. Known for her aim to empower women, ‘Nada Mas’ is another sonic expression of this hopeful and powerful theme. Loor shares that the song is “…meant to inspire women to not settle for guys who don’t treat them right…this song is in line with who I am as not only an artist but as a woman.”

To engage with Jacqueline Loor, check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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