Jay Korner – We’re Back Again (2020)

A lot of us need a comeback song that gives us the boost we need to know that things can always get back on track regardless of how difficult everything seems. This is exactly what Jay Korner has to offer with his debut single ‘We’re Back Again’. Bringing a touch of funk to some killer bass and bright horns, he fills you with the light you need to push forward and move onto a brighter future.

While Korner has played the drums in a number of bands, he decided last year to release his first solo single. Inspired by the funky tones of the early 70s, he wraps the magnetic notes around some soulful considerations for his debut single.

‘We’re Back Again’ has you washed in some retro funky tones from the very first note. There is a vintage feeling to the melody that wraps around you but this does not completely eradicate the bursts of modernity woven into it. The horns on this track are exquisite and not something you hear every day which is a real shame. The horns build up the bright vibes of the melody while the deep bassline thrums with a soulfulness that is second to none. Each instrumental line comes in with its own vibes that enhance the good vibes of the single while filling you with a sense of empowerment.

Korner’s vocals bolster the retro vibes of the melody while sinking their own infectious hooks into your brain. The addictive tone of his voice will have you singing along, particularly on the chorus, before the song is done. As you get lost in the funky groovy movement of the single, the lyrics acknowledge that times can be tough but that you just need to believe that you can get through it. This belief is driven into your chest by those horns and the feeling that Korner has woven into each word.

Jay Korner uses his debut single ‘We’re Back Again’ to offer a boost of good vibes and a sense that you can get through anything. The melody is an amazing mixture of bright horns and thrumming basslines that combine to set your brain on fire. His vocals soothe you into the funky flow while lifting your spirits.

Find out more about Jay Korner on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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