Carly Opacic – Luna (2021)

Carly Opacic takes you through the progression of a relationship to its somewhat inevitable end with ‘Luna’. The single acts as a precursor to a collection of breakup songs that make up half of her latest album. Setting the tone for what is coming in the album, she carefully dips into all the emotions and events that take place through the life of a relationship.

Working with Brandon Mingo, Opacic brings a lived authenticity to her music creating a fresh and refreshing sound. The pair met in college and have been working together ever since. In that time, Opacic has released an explorative EP while searching for her sound before settling in 2019. Last year, she released three singles to be followed up by her next album.

The smooth opening of ‘Luna’ effortlessly draws you into the song. The beats roll against you as the melody gently settles on you like the light reflected off the moon. There is an easy feeling to the melody that swells on the chorus. Through the verses, the beats take over with light popping tones adding to the depths of the music. The notes combine in a caress of tones that fills your chest with chilled feelings. The higher tones that come in later add a sparkle to the music like the stars twinkling on a clear night.

While you float along to the melody. Opacic’s vocals cut through the night vibes with a wonderful folk edge. Her performance is emotive as she fills your chest with the emotions of the single. You can hear a yearning for understanding in her voice wrapped in unconditional love for someone. The lyrics carefully build a relationship only to wash you with the sadness of it slowly turning from something good to broken.

Carly Opacic fills you with the gentle glow of the moon while walking through a relationship progressing to a breakup in ‘Luna’. The soft melody twinkles like stars while rolling a combination of beats across your senses. Opacic’s vocals are emotive as she draws you into the build-up of the relationship and the sadness of the knowledge that it is coming to an end.

Find out more about Carly Opacic on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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