Track of the Day: BASEMENT83 – Beautiful One

A cross between pop, dance and electronica, BASEMENT83 is certainly a genre-bending quartet. Vita (vocals), Ian (guitar), Tommy (bass) and Jenna (percussion) met at university and combined their various musical backgrounds to create the distinctive sound of BASEMENT83. Carving an organic hybrid of genres, this group’s music is certainly something special for your ears. The latest single is ‘Beautiful One’.

A follow-up to the band’s well-received debut single ‘Paper Thin’, ‘Beautiful One’ is the hypnotic embodiment of hazy sun-drenched days. While a powerful track in entirety, it is Vita’s vocals that make ‘Beautiful One’ enticing. Delicate with elements of nostalgia in the lyrics, this track is a trip from beginning to end.

“With the light of sun, you’ve got to be someone, be the beautiful one…” – lyrics from ‘Beautiful One’

You can find out more about BASEMENT83 on their Facebook and Spotify.

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