Jennifer Alvarado – Rock This Way (2022)

Through her single ‘Rock This Way’, Jennifer Alvarado is paying tribute to all the rock songs that have inspired her over the years. While paying tribute to these songs, she remains true to her country roots, artfully blending the core of her sound with that of the music that has been an inspiration for her. Smooth and passionate, yet sweet and powerful, the single is an eclectic blend of tones with a dash of something purely Jennifer Alvarado.

Her passion for music is something that has been a staple in her life since she started her musical journey at age four. Since then, she merged her love of music with her faith, releasing a Christian album in 2015. Following her album, she returned to her country roots in 2020 and continues to blend these roots with rock and pop sensibilities.

‘Rock This Way’ uses an intense guitar line to grab your attention, as the music flows out with the power of country rock. The foot-tapping thump of the drums is addictive, while the guitars curl around to get your whole body bopping to the music. There is a touch of classic rock to the melody, but this has been masterfully merged with the country core of her music. Through the music, you are filled with a wonderful energy that edges between rocking out and chilling at the pub. It is an immersive energy that you can’t fight, not that you feel the need to at any point. There is a steadiness to the music as it keeps you hooked and moving to its flow.

Sliding in over the body-bopping melody are Alvarado’s vocals that have a delightful twang of country. Her performance takes the country-rock vibes of the single to another level. There is a building catchiness to her performance that slowly pulls you further under the spell of the single. By the end of the track, you are going to be singing along with her. This urge to sing along is made more powerful by the backing shouts on the chorus and the smooth vocal line later in the track. Through all this energy, the lyrics reach out, grab your hand and pull you close. They are packed with the feeling of being with someone you love and are able to vibe with, just by being in their presence.

Through her tribute to rock songs that have inspired her, Jennifer Alvarado has you bopping and singing along to the infectious vibes of ‘Rock This Way’. The intense guitar line that opens the track filters into the country-rock flow of the track that has you tapping and bopping to the rhythm. Her vocals curl with a country twang, while injecting the energy of the single into your veins.

Find out more about Jennifer Alvarado on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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