Jane N’ The Jungle – DIRTY DOG (2022)

Jane N’ The Jungle used a combination of screeching guitars, soaring vocals and poetic lyricism to explore the fragility of the human spirit in ‘Trouble’. The band is now touching on another serious topic with their fierce and hard-hitting sound in ‘DIRTY DOG’. Recounting lead singer Jordan White’s experience of being sexually assaulted, the single carries a strong message of freedom from the pain of this experience.

A true rock anthem, this track combines distorted guitar riffs with biting lyrics, delivered with a precision vocal performance. You can hear how the band has matured since their last release as they unleash an unforgettable story. Since the band’s first release, they have gained support from Music Choice and Spotify’s Fierce Femmes, while gaining airplay on various FM rock radio stations. After listening to this track, you will easily see why they have also been endorsed by Gibson Guitars.

‘DIRTY DOG’ rises with a sweep of rock guitars that move into a gritty get pushing melody. There is a toe-tapping pulse to the guitars as they fly through the single with a slight distortion to their melodic flow. Through the melody, the band brings a punch of attitude and a truly anthemic feeling. The push of the melody makes you want to turn the single up and blare it while shouting out with the empowering vocals. As the single progresses, the guitars and drums rise with the emotions of the track. There is a moment where you seem to stand on a precipice before the ground below you drops, only for the guitars to catch you and send you soaring on the anthemic rock flows.

While the melody does a lot to fill you with the anthemic vibes of the single, it is the vocals that really offer the precision strike of the track. As the vocals curl their way into your senses, they have a delightful scratch of alternative rock. Through the lyrics, the band drops you into the emotions following the painful experience at the heart of the single. They pack feelings of shame, pain and guilt over what has happened which soar into the chorus. While these negative emotions fill much of the track, there is a twist to them that comes later that offers the strength and freedom you need to move on. There are a lot of complicated emotions twisted up in the vocals that perfectly fit the situation, but there is also an undeniable catharsis that comes from unleashing them into the world.

Jane N’ The Jungle find cathartic freedom by unleashing pain, guilt and shame through the anthemic flows of ‘DIRTY DOG’. The flow of the guitars and push of the melody brings the first touches of the anthemic vibes. This is picked up by the emotive vocals that cry out, only to fill you with the strength and freedom needed to move on from negative emotions.

Find out more about Jane N’ The Jungle on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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