JEWLS – SICK (2021)

The melancholy that follows in the wake of memories was brought to life by JEWLS in her single ‘Take It’. While her follow-up release ‘SICK’ continues the honesty of her last, it delves further into fragility through her vocals. With an experimental edge curtesy of the Arabic-style synths and laid-back drums, she leads listeners through some rather unique and distinctive soundscapes.

Drawing on alternative-pop sounds, she wraps them around some dark pop sensibilities to take your breathe away. Through the searching flows of the music, you get the sense that she is looking for more in both the world and the traditional pop genre. With some unconventional honesty and an effortless ability to draw you close, she will pull you into the single as much as she did her last.

‘SICK’ slowly draws you into the melody with a gentle shiver and soft melodic line. The music of the opening runs over your skin like the sand of a dune in the wind. While the deep beats have a laid-back feeling, there is also a richness that is utterly decadent. There is a stripped-back feeling to the melody that it slides into the Arabic-style synths. There is a touch of the desert in their tones but this is wrapped around a trip-hop glitching. All of this adds to the twilight vibes of the track.

JEWLS’ vocals whisper into the soundscape over the shivers of the melody. She brings a tender feeling to the song that is steeped in vulnerability. Each word offers a brutal honesty that is threaded into a dark-pop delivery. Her high notes are perfectly executed and add an ethereal edge to the music. It is a very powerful vocal performance that hooks into your skin and will not let go. The lyrics are open with a fragility that makes them so easy to relate to.

Through the unique melody and fragility of her vocal performance, JEWLS has connects with you on a deep level whole leading you through decadent melodics in ‘SICK’. There is a wonderfully relatable thread in the lyrics which are enhanced by the richness of the music and the power of the vocals. Everything in the song comes together for a smooth and hypnotic listening experience.

Find out more about JEWLS on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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