JEWLS – Take It (2020)

There are times when moments from the past come rushing back and you have no option but to let them. The melancholic feelings they often bring have been wrapped into a moody pop soundscape by JEWLS in her debut single ‘Take It’. Through her heartbreakingly honest lyrics, brooding vocals and delicate touch, you are filled with emotions.

Using her unique mixture of melodic elements, she creates a single that you can hold onto during turbulent emotional times. As she uses her music to express what lies beneath, she draws you into her world and offers a sweet connection. The single is a wonderful introduction to everything she has to offer.

‘Take It’ draws you into a brooding atmosphere with the first swelling melodic tones. As JEWLS’ vocals enter, she throws you a light thread to hold onto as she pulls you through the moody tones. While her voice offers an anchor against the atmospheric soundscape, there is a vulnerability in her performance. With a slightly husky edge, her voice wraps around heartbreaking lyrics that fill you with melancholy. There is something in her performance that is searching for good against a wave of nostalgic sadness.

As you are pulled along by her vocals, the melancholy you feel is enhanced by the moody music. There is a broody swelling to the music that is tempered by light shining through with the higher tones. The layers of the melody combine for a kaleidoscope of colours that whirl around you and try to pull you under. Together with the vocals, they send shivers along your arms while washing your brain with memories.

JEWLS melds a moody atmospheric soundscape with heartbreaking lyrics and melancholic vocals for the emotive single ‘Take It’. The swelling melody tries to pull you under a wave of memories while her vocals offer a thread to keep you afloat.

Find out more about JEWLS on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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