Joe Valentine – Bad (2020)

Joe Valentine took us on a journey of self-discovery with his single ‘Cairo’. He is now taking an internal turn for the dark yet sexy pop track ‘Bad’. The raw single is a surrender of innocence with in-your-face sounds and off-kilter tones. The third single off his upcoming debut album, the track shows the dark range Valentine has to offer.

Written in the dark, the single considers things that Valentine has bottled up since hitting puberty. Melding a hazy sexuality with irresistible dance tones, it is quite unlike anything else you might be listening to. Continuing to disrupt the usual flow, Valentine again has you pausing to think while getting down to the grooves of his music.

‘Bad’ has an expansive opening that gives way to warbling notes that set your head spinning. This gives way to deep beats that pound through your chest. There is a deep dance vibe to these beats that infiltrates the other elements of the melody. The synths have an almost dark feeling to them before they tumble down the dance beats. In the latter part of the track, the dance vibes of the melody get turned up. There are these plucky notes that pop against your ears as you are drawn into the song.

Valentine’s vocals have a dreamy feeling to them. His performance has a bold edge that takes you on a journey down the lyrics. Before the chorus hits, there is this moment of dark electronic choral vibes that send you spinning in a completely new direction. This drops for the heavy dance edge of the chorus that would be no stranger on the dancefloor. The vocals have a mercurial nature where you never quite know what is going to happen.

Joe Valentine is in your face with the mercurial melody and raw dark pop vibes of ‘Bad’. The single keeps you on your toes while pumping you with heavy dance vibes. The vocals have this edge to them while going through movements that are quite unlike anything else you are going to hear.

Find out more about Joe Valentine on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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