Jolene – Denied (2020)

Jolene delves into the darker side of love and life with their single ‘Denied’. Using a dark pop soundscape, the single offers an unforgettable and mysterious flow that effortlessly draws you in. Bringing a new and exciting perspective, they draw on their past success and immerse you in an innovative sound.

This dark pop journey is brought to you by Jolene Grunberg (vocals, guitar) and Sem Van de Crommet (keyboards). After they met during their studies at the conservatory in Amsterdam, they combined their skills to form the act Jolene. Their first EP integrated brutal beats with catchy hooks to place the duo firmly on everyone’s radar.

‘Denied’ pulls you into the dark pop soundscape with a progressive and almost ambient opening. The popping beats in the lower levels lightly infiltrate your senses while melding with the shuffling tones that drive you forward. There is a swelling darkness within the melody that breaks into pulsing tones on the chorus. The roiling of the melody has you sonically running in circles before pausing on the verses to give you a chance to gain your bearings. The rise and fall of the melody adds to the mystery of the song and the darker pop vibes.

Grunberg’s vocals come in as a delicate layer that floats across your senses. While her voice has a gentle flow, it gains power and turns into an ethereal layer for the chorus. On the chorus, she has you tumbling into the lyrics and the darker side of love. There is a slight edge to her performance that brings the darker tones of the melody into the lyrics. Lyrically, the song is easy to connect with as many people have faced the darker sides of life and love which they set out.

Jolene sends you spiralling into the darker side of love and life with the mysterious flows of ‘Denied’. The melody has a roiling darkness that builds for a break on the chorus. Grunberg’s vocals are light yet carry the weight of the darkness within the performance.

Find out more about Jolene on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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