Jon Pattie – Reflections, Vol I (2018)

Jon Pattie is a young indie-folk musician from Texas whom I had never heard of until recently.  He’s one of those kids you look at and think, what could you possibly know about life?  It seems, he knows quite a bit.

Now, I could speak about the instruments on Reflections, Vol I.  I could speak about Jon’s voice on Reflections, Vol I.  I could speak about how these elements combine with such clarity that it makes your ears smile if ears could smile that is; but that’s not what this EP is really about.  This is what it’s about.

The three tracks on the EP, the first of a four-piece release, form a journey of development and enlightenment.  The first track, ‘Won’t Be Young’, is a song indicating reaching for a goal, despite the fact it will take a while.  It’s the most upbeat of the three and is something you expect to hear when driving to work.  I found it ‘boppier’ than the others; how I wished it prepared me for what was to come.

Softer and far more contemplative, ‘Reflections’ and ‘State of Mind’ made the release quite emotional.  Despite being encouraging where Jon moves on from regrets and an unfulfilling life, I found the tracks quite poignant.  Breath-taking, moving, and sometimes bringing a tear to my eye, this EP is a testament to a man who is years beyond his age.

Reflections, Vol I is a powerful and contagious EP, regardless of it being less than twenty minutes long.  I like to believe this is the sign of shining talent.  Could it be we are looking at the next Ed Sheeran?  Personally, I cannot wait for the next instalment in this Reflections series.

To enjoy more Jon Pattie, stream his music on Spotify and iTunes.  To engage with Jon, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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