LAZA! – Girls (2022)

With their debut single as LAZA!, the band is unleashing an anthem of female empowerment in ‘Girls’. With a sassy and unapologetic tone, they fill the soundscape with uplifting and inspiring power that lets you know you can do anything you set your mind to, regardless of what other people have to say. Using a confidence that they infuse into your soul, they get you ready to face the world and any naysayers out there.

This confidence boost comes from married couple Luiza and David Lale. The duo first met when saxophonist Luiza was doing a concerto with a London orchestra, and David was standing in for someone as he is a classically trained cellist. They have been together since then, but started to make music together instead of doing their own separate musical thing.

‘Girls’ stomps into life with a confidence that you can’t really deny. There is a certain sense of authority to the thump of the beats in the music that makes you sit up and pay attention. The clapping tones that stomp alongside the beats are packed with attitude. While it is a steady marching beat, there is so much sass and attitude in the music, you can’t help but feel some of it sink into your veins. Later in the track, there is a thrumming guitar tone that rises from beneath the stomping beats, to drive through your chest. This enhances the unapologetic stance of the music, while adding this little extra edge to the music.

Luiza’s vocals curl around the lyrics and wash them with a shining neon power. Her performance is a wonderful pop-rock flow that slowly wraps around your senses and pulls you into the single. She continues to the unapologetic energy of the music, while pushing at anyone who says she can’t do what she wants. The chorus is really anthemic and makes you want to shout out with her, as she injects empowerment and confidence into your veins. As you listen to the single, you are filled with the knowledge that you can do anything you want and you shouldn’t let those who want to pull you down get to you. Through the track, she shrugs off the thoughts and expectations of others and marches on to what she wants.

LAZA! stomps into our ears with an anthemic vibe as they shrug off the expectations of others and empower you to be who you are with attitude and flair in ‘Girls’. The melody thumps their confidence and unapologetic attitude into you through the marching tones and sliding guitars. Luiza Lale’s vocals have a sassy edge to their attitude as she leads you to a shouting chorus of encouraging empowerment.

Find out more about LAZA! on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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