Kada Miller – Begin Again (2021)

The journey of self-discovery is paved with both beautiful and ugly moments. With a heartfelt sound, Kada Miller has picked up the stones of this path and moulded them into her single ‘Begin Again’. Embracing every experience that shapes the journey to empowered self-discovery, she wraps them in silken threads of tender pop tones.

In the last year, Miller found herself returning to the driving reason behind her desire to create and share music. Taking the opportunity presented to her, she stripped her musical practices to the basics allowing her voice to be heard without the use of any big productions. While filled with conviction as an artist, she is also a published author and was featured with her husband in the documentary ‘You and Me’.

The opening of ‘Begin Again’ ripples over you with a soft tenderness. The music feels like a cool breeze wafting over you on a hot day. The stripped-back melodics are soothing while letting Miller’s vocals shine. While stripped-back, there is a wonderful forward movement that rolls into the guitars that call out against a really engaging drum. Every addition to the melody is like another step along the journey of the track.

As the melody moves you through the soundscape, the lyrics burst with storytelling vibes. The story of the lyrics plays across your mind like a movie which helps you connect with the emotional messaging of the track. Miller’s vocals really do shine against the melody and bring the lyrics to a beautiful life. There is a tenderness to her performance that tentatively creeps through your senses. As you journey through the story, you are lead to an emotional epiphany that sends your soul soaring with the freedom that it offers. The tenderness of the vocals creates the gossamer wings that lift you up.

With the tender and utterly beautiful tones of ‘Begin Again’, Kada Miller takes you on a journey of self-discovery before resting in peaceful freedom. The tenderness woven into every element of the single is deeply touching and invokes a well of emotion. Her vocal performance is captivating as you sink into the story and emotions of the single.

Find out more about Kada Miller on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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