Katanak – Weigh Down (2022)

Inspired by the likes of The 1975, Two Door Cinema, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Wombats and Circa Waves, singer-songwriter Katanak embraces the sound of the 21st century. A representative of the eclecticism of his generation, the Australian musician brings vibrance to the indie music scene. Featured on Roadie Music, Send Me Your Ears, Pop Passion Blog, Rising Artists Music Blog, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio (to name a few), Katanak is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Weigh Down’.

Ambitious, passionate and engaging, Katanak merges an indie-rock sound with contemporary pop and indie-pop stylings. I would compare him to some of his influences, but the truth is there is nothing quite like Katanak. Following his heavier single ‘Pinch Grip’, ‘Weigh Down’ is more upbeat, bouncy, jovial and just puts a smile on your face. The melodic arrangement takes you soaring on a fluffy cloud of sound while you look about and think, “bloody hell, this is awesome”. Think happiness multiplied by ten million and you’ll be somewhere in the realm of the emotion behind ‘Weigh Down’.

The moniker of Dylan Cattanach, Katanak blends joviality with melancholy as is evidenced in ‘Weigh Down’. A high-paced song that can have you twirling about while singing along, one would classify it as a “summer banger”. The truth is that there is far more to the happy single than meets the ear. Katanak explains that “a while back I was really feeling like I’d lost my way and was questioning expectations I felt had been imposed on me. It felt a lot like I was falling and just couldn’t get up…. It took a concerted effort to get over this and ‘Weigh Down’ was a cry of frustration that helped me verbalise how I felt.”

Filled with joyfulness and harmony, but tinged with the belting from a frustrated artist, ‘Weigh Down’ is a glittering release – therapy if you will. Sincere, sentimental, honest and tender, Katanak blasts into 2022 with an anthemic song that I can’t wait to see played live.

For more from Katanak check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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