Sespool – Twilight Plight (2020)

Delving into the darker side of life, Sean Sullivan brings out his musical project Sespool. His latest track under this moniker is ‘Twilight Plight’ which looks at the systemic oppression and erosion of morals in the USA leading to authoritarianism. Using the metaphor of twilight, he explores how people are caught between the current darkness and the light of the struggle for liberty. This emotional outcry is guitar-driven and backed up with trap style drums.

The inspiration for this single comes from the outcry of the BLM movement and the deep corruption revealed by the pandemic. While he has not always been a solo artist, Sullivan uses his hard-hitting sound to drive the message of his music home. Forging a style that is uniquely Sespool, he hits you with soundscapes that you are not going to forget any time soon.

The opening of ‘Twilight Plight’ sets a very sinister tone. The light notes make you think there is something waiting for you around the corner. The rather gentle opening gives way to the deep trap-style drums that pound against your ears. When the guitars hit, they have this deep and thrashing quality that pulse in your chest. You can hear the undulating darkness of twilight in the melody and the anger at the current situation.

While the melody pounds through you, Sullivan’s vocals lay out all the darkness from the beginning. His performance is smooth, but there is an underlying tone of anger. His vocals have this rawness to them that make the song more relatable. There is also so much emotion in his performance that you can’t help but feel everything he is talking about.

The current state of endless twilight in the world is the foundation of ‘Twilight Plight’ by Sespool. The single is an emotional outcry full of driving beats and emotive vocals that make you think about the subject matter. While deep and hard-hitting, the song is addictive and you will listen to it again and again.

Find out more about Sespool on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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