Kaylyn Marie – Finally (2021)

Kaylyn Marie treated us to a difficult conversation with her single ‘At Work’. With ‘Finally’, she is capturing the moment when you glimpse the positive description of yourself that others provide. Through the tones of the track, she captures the wonder you feel when others describe you positively to others and that moment when you start to view yourself as kindly as others do.

The single offers another step on the journey of her EP Forget Me Not. As the last single from the EP, it forms the starting point of the rest of your life where you are no longer weighed down by the negativity of an abusive relationship. If you need a boost to be kinder to yourself, this is the song that can help you on the brighter path.

‘Finally’ strums to life with a steady flow to the guitar-driven melody. While the guitar draws you into the soundscape, it also has your foot tapping to the beat. As you creep close to the chorus, there is a building feeling in the music like a steady increase of anticipation. This comes to a gentle crest on the chorus before dropping into the smooth depths of the verses. While the melody is relatively minimal, the driving movement of the guitar keeps you engaged and wanting more.

It is really Marie’s vocals that are the star of the single as they ride the strums of the guitar. Her voice is like light glinting off the depths of still water created by the melody. There is also a wonderful feeling of freedom and upliftment that comes through the performance. The lyrics lead you to a light feeling in your chest where you are able to embrace the vision of yourself that other people have. It is a wonderfully bright and uplifting single that eases you into kindness and self-love.

Kaylyn Marie gently leads you to self-love and being kind to yourself in ‘Finally’. Through the soft tones of the strummed guitar, she pulls you toward the moment when you view yourself as kindly as others do. With gentle vocals and touching lyrics, she has you feeling lighter and ready to take the first steps on the path of happiness.

Find out more about Kaylyn Marie on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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